5 Ways to Mulch in Your Landscape


All landscapes can benefit from mulch. Whether you're designing a residential or commercial landscape, you should consider using mulch in it. Typically consisting of an organic material like bark, straw or wood chips, you can use it in many different ways to enhance your landscape.

#1) Prevent Weeds in Flowerbeds
Mulch offers an easy and effective way to keep weeds out of flowerbeds. Like all plants, weeds need sunlight to grow. Any bare areas in a flowerbed that receive direct sunlight offer a potential home for new weeds. You can keep weeds out of flowerbeds, however, by applying a layer of mulch. A 1- or 2-inch layer of mulch will prevent sunlight from reaching the soil, thus discouraging weeds from growing.

#2) Protect Trees
You can use mulch to protect trees from pests and physical injury. Just sprinkle a thin layer of mulch around the trunks. With a barrier of mulch surrounding it, the tree will be less susceptible to pests and physical injury.

#3) Control Runoff
You can also use mulch to control runoff in your landscape. Runoff occurs when rainwater builds up on the surface of the soil. With runoff, large streams of water may erode your landscape since it doesn't have anywhere to go. It's a frustrating problem that's common with commercial and residential landscapes. Fortunately, you can use mulch to control runoff. If you discover that rainwater is accumulating in a specific area of your landscape, cover the area in a layer of mulch. Its absorbent properties will help to control runoff while protecting your landscape from erosion in the process.

#4) Moisture Retention
Much offers moisture retention benefits. If any plants or flowers in your landscape are suffering from dehydration, you can surround them with a layer of mulch. Certain types of mulch, such as straw, are able to absorb a substantial amount of water. Any adjacent plants will then gradually absorb moisture from the water-soaked mulch.

#5) Protect Plants From Cold Weather
If there's a cold front moving your way, you can use mulch to protect plants from the cold weather. Not all plants can survive cold weather. All it takes is a single cold snap to kill an otherwise healthy plant. While you can't control the weather, you can use mulch to insulate the plants in your landscape. Mulch will blanket the plants so that they are better protected from the cold weather.

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