What Is Bush Hogging? Here's What You Should Know


Commercial landscapes can quickly become overgrown with weeds and bushes when neglected. Depending on just how overgrown your commercial landscape is, a traditional lawnmower may not suffice. Most lawnmowers can't handle tall and thick bushes; they can only handle grass. Bush hogging, however, may be the answer.

The Basics of Bush Hogging
Also known as brush hogging, bush hogging is a landscaping practice that involves the use of a special rotary-cutting deck attachment to eliminate brush. The rotary cutting deck is the bush hog. It's attached to the back end of a tractor where it's able to chop down bushes. As the tractor pulls the bush hog, it will clear lots by chopping down bushes in its wake.

The rotary-cutting deck attachment of bush hogging can eliminate the following:
  • Grass
  • Bushes
  • Weeds
  • Small trees
  • Vines
Why You Should Consider Bush Hogging for a Commercial Landscape
If you own or manage a commercial lot with an overgrown landscape, you may want to consider a bush hogging service. Traditional lawnmowers aren't designed for tall or thick bushes. You can use a traditional lawnmower to chop down grass. But for tall and thick bushes, you'll need a different solution, such as bush hogging.

You don't have to perform bush hogging yourself. While you can always buy or rent a tractor as well as a bush hog attachment there are commercial landscaping companies that offer bush hogging services. You can hire a commercial landscaping company to clear your lot with a bush hog.

Bush hogging will also preserve the soil of your commercial lot. It's not the same as bulldozing. Bulldozing will disturb the soil by uprooting grass and plants. Bush hogging, on the other hand, won't disturb the soil. It's a noninvasive landscaping practice that simply chops down bushes at the surface.

Bush hogging can even help the existing grass and plants thrive. After being chopped down, the bushes will act as nutrient-rich mulch. They'll feed the grass and plants in your commercial lot while encouraging them to grow.

In Conclusion
Clearing an overgrown commercial landscape may seem daunting. If it's been neglected for many months or even years, you probably won't be able to clear with a lawnmower. Instead, you'll need heavy-duty equipment, such as a bog hog. Bush hogging is a landscaping practice that's able to clear tall and thick bushes with a rotary-cutting attachment.

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