Real vs Artificial Turf Grass Which Is Best for Your Commercial Landscape


Turf grass is commonly used in commercial landscapes. It encompasses a wide variety of grasses that form a consistent turf as they grow. There's real turf grass, however, and there's artificial turf grass. While you can use either of them in your commercial landscape, they have their own benefits.

What Is Real Turf Grass?
Real turf grass is living grass that grows densely to form a turf on the surface of the soil. St. Augustine, for example, is considered a turf grass. It's one of the most common types of turf grass in Florida. As it grows, St. Augustine will form a consistent turf on the surface of the soil. There are dozens of other types of turf grass, but they all form a turf.

What is Artificial Turf Grass?
Artificial turf grass, on the other hand, consists of synthetic fibers that are designed to look and feel like real turf grass. It's been around for over a half-century. Artificial turf grass was initially used in parks, sports fields and outdoor recreational areas. Since then, though, artificial turf grass has found its way into recreational and commercial landscapes alike. Artificial turf grass is simply artificial, non-living grass.

Benefits of Using Real Turf Grass
Why should you use real turf grass in your commercial landscape? For starters, it costs less than artificial turf grass. You can have your commercial landscape seeded with real turf grass for less than the cost of installing artificial turf grass.

Real turf grass is good for the environment as well. It will absorb pollutants from the ground and air while simultaneously releasing fresh oxygen.

Benefits of Using Artificial Turf Grass
The main benefit of using artificial turf grass in your commercial landscape is that it requires less maintenance. Unlike real turf grass, artificial turf grass doesn't grow. Therefore, you won't need to mow it, nor will you need to water it. Artificial turf grass requires little to no maintenance, making it a popular alternative to real turf grass. You don't have to worry about weeds overtaking your commercial landscape with artificial turf grass. While there are different types of artificial turf grass, most of them consist of square-shaped patches. These patches are laid out over the soil to create a solid and consistent turf. As a result, weeds won't be able to grow in it.

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