Whats the Best Way to Edge Flowerbeds?


Flowerbeds are commonly used in commercial landscapes. They offer a contained area thats designed exclusively for flowers. Regardless of what type of flowers you intend to grow in them, though, youll need to edge them. Edging your flowerbeds will define the perimeter so that they are visually distinguished from the rest of your commercial landscape. So, whats the best way to edge flowerbeds?

Handheld Spade
You can use a handheld spade to edge flowerbeds. Assuming your flowerbeds are small, a handheld spade may suffice. A spade, of course, is a gardening tool that features a flat blade. Its not the same as a shovel. Spades are typically smaller, and unlike shovels, they dont have a curved blade at the end. Spades have a flat blade, which you can use to create clean edges around the perimeter of your landscapes flowerbeds.

Lawn Edger
Another tool you can use to edge flowerbeds is a lawn edger. As their name suggests, lawn edgers are designed specifically to edge parts of a landscape, including flowerbeds. They are available in several different types. Some lawn edgers consist of a bladed rolling tool, whereas others feature a flat blade similar to that of a handheld spade. With a lawn edger, you can easily edge your flowerbeds.

String Trimmer
Many property owners use a string trimmer to edge their flowerbeds. String trimmers are powered tools with a spoof of heavy-duty string. When turned on, a motor will spin the string at the bottom. You can run a string trimmer around the perimeter of a flowerbed to edge it. The spinning string will cut through most weeds and other unwanted plants, leaving behind a clean and uniform boundary for your flowerbed. There are gas-powered string trimmers as well as battery-powered string trimmers. Gas-powered string trimmers are typically more powerful, making them ideal for heavily overgrown flowerbeds. Battery-powered string trimmers, on the other hand, are usually more reliable and require less maintenance.

Contact a Professional
There are several different tools available for edging, some of the most popular being handheld spades, lawn edgers and string trimmers. While you can use any of these tools to edge your flowerbeds, you may want to contact a professional, instead. A commercial landscaping professional can edge your flowerbeds to help you achieve the perfect design. They can even provide ongoing maintenance, making this service a smart investment.

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