5 Benefits of Including Trees in Your Commercial Landscape


Your commercial landscape doesn't have to consist entirely of grass and flowers. When designing a landscape for your business or home, you should consider including trees in it. Trees are an important part of residential and commercial landscapes. Why should you include trees in your landscape exactly?

#1) Lower Cooling Costs During the Summer
Trees can lower your home's cooling costs during the summer. South Carolina, of course, is no stranger to hot summers. As spring comes to a close, temperatures can quickly rise upwards of 90 degrees. Including trees in your landscape will create cooler temperatures inside of buildings and homes nearby, meaning less electricity use for air conditioners and increased shading around the community.

#2) Less Grass to Mow
You'll have less to grass to mow by including trees around your landscapes. Fully grown trees will naturally consume space in your landscape, so there won't be as much grass to mow. You can even go one step further by adding a barrier of mulch around the trunk of your trees. Regardless, including trees in your landscape allows for shorter and easier lawn-mowing sessions.

#3) Good for the Environment
Trees are good for the environment. They'll filter contaminants from the air while simultaneously producing fresh oxygen, resulting in lower levels of air pollution. Trees also absorb carbon dioxide. At the same time, trees increase soil stability to prevent erosion. Trees will dig their roots into the soil, essentially holding the soil together so that it doesn't erode from runoff.

#4) Attracts Wildlife
Another benefit of including trees in your landscape is wildlife. Trees will attract certain types of wildlife. If you enjoy watching and listening to birds, for example, trees may draw them to your landscape. Birds often find food on and around trees. By including trees in your landscape, you can watch and listen to birds as they forage for food.

#5) Higher Property Value
Many homeowners are surprised to learn that trees can increase their property values. Some studies have shown that homes with trees in their landscape sell for up to 15% more money than those without trees in their landscape. When searching for a home to purchase, many prospective buyers will pay more for those with trees in their landscape. Prospective buyers realize that trees are a valuable part of a landscape, so trees typically increase property values.

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