5 Problems Posed By Dead Trees in Your Landscape


Have you noticed any dead or dying trees in your landscape? There's nothing wrong with including trees in your landscape. On the contrary, they can help to create a more balanced landscape while providing a natural source of shade in the process. Whether you have oak, pine, maple, dogwood or any other Florida-native tree species in your landscape, though, you'll need to ensure they are healthy. Dead trees can pose several problems, including the following.

#1) Pests
Dead trees can attract pests. Termites, for instance, are attracted to decaying wood, including that within dead and dying trees. Statistics show that over a half-million homes in the United States are damaged by termites annually. Dead trees can attract termites, and after feasting on the tree's wood, these pests may work their way to your home.

#2) Clogged Gutters
Allowing dead trees to go unchecked may lead to clogged gutters. As a tree begins to die, it will shed its limbs and branches. Assuming the tree overhangs your roof, this debris may clog your gutters. Clogged gutters will then prevent water from draining off your roof. When it rains, water will collect on your roof will contribute to roof damage.

#3) Safety Hazard
Aside from property damage, dead trees pose a risk of bodily injury. As previously mentioned, dead trees will shed their limbs and branches. If you or someone else happens to be standing underneath a dead tree when this occurs, it can lead to bodily injury. Removing dead trees from your landscape will create a safer environment by protecting against bodily injury such as this.

#4) Disease Vectors
Dead trees can serve as vectors for infectious diseases. While different species of trees have different lifespans, most of them live for over a half-century. If there's a dead or dying tree in your landscape, it may be suffering from a disease that infects other adjacent trees. To prevent the healthy trees in your landscaper from suffering the same fate, you'll need to remove it.

#5) Harms Curb Appel
Of course, dead trees can harm your home's curb appeal. Depending on the particular species - as well as the reason why they are dead - they may fail to grow new buds and leaves. The bark may also fall off the sides of dead trees. For better curb appeal, you should consider removing dead trees from your landscape.

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