Why Commercial Landscaping Is Important for Apartment Complexes


Do you own or manage or apartment complex? If so, you should invest in a commercial landscaping service. All landscapes require maintenance - and those in apartment complexes are no exception. Rather than doing it yourself, however, you may want to hire a professional. A commercial landscaping service can pay off big by offering the following benefits.

Plant Selection
A professional landscaping company can help you choose the right plants for your apartment complex. Not all plants can tolerate Florida's hot and humid climate; some of them will succumb to dehydration or even death. Fortunately, you can find the right plants for your apartment complex's landscape by partnering with a professional landscaping company.

Irritation Installation
Your apartment complex's landscape will likely require irrigation. You can't rely on Mother Nature to water your landscape year-round. Regardless of where your apartment complex is located, it may receive dry spells in which there's little or no rain. With a commercial landscaping service, you can get an irrigation system installed.

Irrigation systems, of course, are designed to water landscapes. They typically consist of pumps, sprayers and tubes. The pumps will force water through a series of subterranean tubes where it's expelled out the sprayers. Even if there's a dry spell, an irrigation system will ensure that your landscape is watered.

Faster Mowing
Another reason commercial landscaping is important for apartment complexes is faster mowing. Apartment complexes, of course, often have bigger landscapes than traditional homes and single-family dwellings. Two-story apartment buildings typically encompass about 20 units per acre, whereas three-story apartment buildings encompass 25 to 30 units per acre.

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